The Benefits of Using a High Chair for Your Baby

When babies get ready for solids, they’ll need a safe and reliable place to sit. Weaning can be messy, but a high chair makes it easier to manage feedings.

Ensure that your baby is in the proper seating position in their high chair by assessing their alignment from the side. If their shoulders are in front of their hips or pelvis, they need a boost.


As infants grow and gain independence, a high chair is an important piece of baby equipment that helps them transition from being fed by mom or dad into eating alone. The high chair is an easy way for your child to get used to using a tray and utensils while sitting upright without the distraction of running around or playing.

The high chair also encourages family meal times which can help with your baby's overall nutrition and development. Studies show that when kids eat with their families, they are more likely to try a variety of foods and be less picky eaters.

A good quality high chair will provide a secure and stable seat for your baby. It should have a safety strap to prevent your baby from falling out of the chair and it should be adjustable so that your growing child can use the chair for as long as they need to. You should also check that the chair can lock in place and will not easily fold away when you are using it.

Some high chairs have a reclinable back and head support which is helpful for babies who struggle to hold their heads up while eating. However, a reclined position is unsafe for infants who are still swallowing solid food and can lead to choking. You should only use a reclined high chair once your baby is strong enough to hold their head and neck upright while eating without a lot of lateral or forward support.

When choosing a high chair, look for one that offers a simple tool-free conversion to the booster seat. This will allow you to move your growing child from the high chair to the booster seat with minimal fuss. Chicco high chair is a great example of this with a simple click-in design that makes this transition effortless and safe for your little one. Explore high chair options and baby gear at Chicco, and consider using Chicco Coupons for potential savings on your purchase, ensuring a smooth transition for your child as they grow.


Using a high chair gives your baby a stable place to sit and helps with proper positioning during feeding. Babies who are not properly positioned during mealtime can experience difficulty swallowing which can lead to choking or gagging. When babies are seated in an appropriate chair they can enjoy their food and explore new flavors without risk.

Sitting in a high chair at meals also helps to establish a routine for your baby. This will help them learn that eating is a special time with their family and they should not be playing or exploring while they eat. This can be dangerous for toddlers and if they continue to play while they are eating it may cause them to become picky or refuse foods. Using a high chair can also help encourage them to sit for family meals which promotes social interaction and teaches healthy eating behaviors.

If your child is not quite ready to move away from the high chair and needs a little more stability, consider a booster seat to use at the table. Booster seats are available for all ages and can be used at the table with a child-safe plate, bowls, and utensils. Make sure that the seat is not placed too close to the table so your child can reach knives or other hot items that are a hazard to them.

A high chair can also be a great spot for your baby to engage in other activities like drawing or finger painting with yogurt. They can also use it for snacks and drinks and even watch their siblings eat at the table to learn from their role models and develop healthy eating habits. It is important to stay nearby while your baby is in a high chair as they learn and explore their surroundings so that you can quickly intervene if needed in case of any choking or gagging incidents.

Ease of Cleaning

Once babies begin to eat solid foods and purees, they’re likely to make a mess during the process. Using a high chair helps keep their food contained and off of the floor. This also allows them to learn how to handle a plate, fork, and spoon on their own which is important for developing fine motor skills that will eventually help with writing.

While a high chair is a must for many children, it’s important to consider when your baby is ready for one. Many parents are tempted to purchase one immediately after their newborn’s arrival, but waiting until your child has the balance and coordination to safely sit up without assistance is a good idea.

When you do decide to invest in a high chair, look for one that’s easy to clean. Babies typically eat in their high chairs three or more times a day, so they tend to get messy and can leave stains if you're not careful. To minimize the number of washings you need to do, choose a fabric that wipes easily and doesn’t soak up liquids. It’s a good idea to opt for darker colors as well, so your baby’s chair doesn't stain.

A good quality high chair will feature minimal nooks and crannies as well, so it’s easier to clean. Many even have dishwasher-friendly trays that can be removed for easy cleaning.

A quality high chair will also enable you to include your infant in family mealtimes, which is a great way for them to feel included and bond with other members of the household while learning social manners, facial expressions, and positive social behavior. Including your baby in family mealtimes will also promote healthy eating habits. Explore high chair options and baby gear at Chicco, and consider using Babies & Kids Coupons for potential savings on your purchase, ensuring a positive and inclusive dining experience for your little one.


A high chair is a great way to help your little one learn to sit in place and stay seated during mealtime. It can also provide them with a seat to rest their hands on, which makes it easier for them to reach their plate or spoon and eat.

When your baby has a supportive high chair, they can focus their attention on learning the skills involved in eating and drinking. Before they have a high chair, their attention is usually split between breathing and protecting their heads by prioritizing stability. This means they can’t devote their time and energy to learning the complicated tasks of eating and drinking. With a high chair, their attention is free to focus on these new skills, and they can progress much more quickly.

As your little one grows, they will continue to benefit from using a high chair. They can use it to sit and eat meals with the family, which is a great opportunity for you to bond with your baby while teaching them about healthy foods and social behaviors. The ability to interact with family members during meals can also build a sense of independence for your child and increase their confidence in eating on their own, which is a developmental milestone that most babies will achieve by the age of 2.

When choosing a high chair, look for one that has a fully upright seat and head support. Many reclinable high chairs can be unsafe for your baby, as they tend to tilt the head and neck forward and restrict airway space, increasing their risk of choking. To test whether your baby’s high chair is truly upright, stand them up and walk to the side of them to look at their shoulders about their hips/pelvis.

Family Time

There are many benefits to letting your child sit in their high chair during family mealtimes. Aside from keeping them safe from falling off tables and counters (which can happen even when they're not moving around), it allows you to teach them how to use utensils, encourage them to sit up for longer periods, and to help them develop a sense of socialization with the rest of the family.

It also helps them learn how to eat on their own. When babies are given the chance to feed themselves, they're less likely to become picky eaters. The tray on their high chair makes it easy for them to place their food in front of themselves, and they can play with it while they're eating — this is great for improving their fine motor skills.

Having a high chair also lets you set up other learning activities like puzzles or blocks on the baby's tray to keep them occupied during mealtimes and reduce their desire to get out of the seat. However, it's important to remember that children need to be supervised when they're outside of their chairs so they don't try to climb or lean on them.

Babies can start using a high chair at any age, and some are ready for it as soon as they're able to sit up without support. If you have a little one who isn't quite there yet, consider putting rolled-up towels next to their hips in their high chair to help them stay upright and stable during meals. Once they're able to sit on their own, you can start introducing them to solid foods if they're interested.


Using a high chair for your baby can provide numerous benefits. It can help your baby develop better eating habits, improve their posture, and reduce the risk of choking or spills. High chairs also allow for easier feeding and can be a great bonding experience for both baby and parent. Overall, investing in a high chair is a wise decision for any parent looking to make mealtime safer and more enjoyable for their little one.


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