Top Affordable Furniture Pieces - A Comprehensive Review

Tight spaces call for furniture that’s trim and fit. Look for couches with skinny rolled arms and tight backs, and for tables that hover off the ground to visually expand a room.

Shoppers can also find transformable pieces that do more than one thing, like a drop-leaf table that doubles as a dining or desk space. Or, consider an upholstered storage ottoman that offers extra seating and stows clutter in a pinch.

Wall Shelves

Modern furniture for small spaces doesn't have to be expensive. Look for pieces with simple lines that blend with your design aesthetic, shop discount retailers and online marketplaces, and consider repurposing existing furniture. You can also save money by utilizing your space wisely, choosing multifunctional furniture pieces, and selecting lightweight and compact furniture that conserves floor space to keep rooms feeling uncluttered.

A great place to start when furnishing a small room is with wall-mounted shelves that can be used for storage or display. Look for shelves that fit your aesthetic and have a weight capacity that can support the items you'll store on them. Shelves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ledges, narrow shelving, and angled bracket shelves. Many stores, including Rejuvenation, offer customizable shelving options to accommodate your needs.

Other furniture pieces that work well in small rooms include trays and carts, which serve a multitude of purposes. For instance, the Ethnicraft Modern Tray Table can be used for serving drinks while entertaining, while a wooden bar cart like this one from Opalhouse provides plenty of surface space for storing items like books or plants. These small tables are also portable, so they're a good option for a mobile workstation in a bedroom or living room.

Selecting furniture with long, skinny legs or mirrored designs will open up your small space, making it feel more spacious and less congested. Another space-saving trick is to choose furniture that does double-duty, such as a lift-top coffee table with hidden storage or a bed frame that converts into a sofa.

There are plenty of one-stop shops that can help you save time and money when shopping for modern furniture for small spaces, including Wayfair, Big Lots, Joss & Main, and Urban Home. Each of these stores offers a curated selection of furniture that's designed with apartments and small spaces in mind, as well as easy returns, lighthearted assembly instructions, and free shipping on most items. You can also find great deals and discounts on furniture at several local stores and on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon Marketplace. Additionally, check out exclusive deals and offers on modern furniture at Design Within Reach with the added benefit of Design Within Reach Coupon for extra savings.

Bookshelves or Cube Organizers

Floating shelves are great, but for some spaces, especially in kids' rooms or living areas, you might need something a little more sturdy. That's where bookshelves or cube organizers come in. These can hold a lot more than just books and will give you more room to arrange smaller decor items like vases or photos. Plus, most of these types of shelving can be used as desks or tables.

If you're looking for a more decorative option than simple wooden shelves, try this metal-and-mirror two-cube shelf that comes in gunmetal or gold. You can use it as a nightstand, end table, or even in a bathroom to store things like toiletries and extra linens. It also works well in a kid's room to hold toys or games.

Another cute option is this ladder storage shelf that can double as a table, side table, or even a ledge to hold photos or plants. It's easy to move around the room and works well with coastal or modern home decor styles. It's not as tall as many of the other options on this list, so it might work best for younger children's rooms.

For a taller option that can hold more than just books, check out this eight-cube bookcase. It's more durable than the ones you might buy for a kid's playroom or dorm room, and it can be used vertically or horizontally, so it can fit in even the smallest of spaces. You can add bins or baskets to some or all of the cubes for additional storage.

Finally, if you want a long bookshelf that doesn't look too short and bulky, check out this one from Wayfair. It's more of a traditional style than the other two options and it has slender metal legs that some reviewers say change up the look of this bookcase.

These are just a few of the most affordable, creative, compact furniture pieces for small spaces out there. But there are a ton of other options, too. You can shop for a ton of different styles and finishes on Target's website, which also has free virtual room design services that help you put your spaces together. Walmart is another go-to for discount furniture, and it's recently started working with more brands to offer a wider selection online. Its site has a handy furniture section that makes it easy to find coordinating items for a whole room.

Mud Room Storage

If you have the space for it, a mudroom is an ideal spot to organize all the gear that gets tracked into your home. Depending on your family's needs, consider installing several different storage solutions, like cubby cabinets and baskets, as well as hooks. Keeping items organized by assigning each one a designated place keeps the area from becoming a mess of coats, scarves, and hats piled up on top of each other.

Mudrooms can be a great place to introduce decorative accents to your entryway. Look for pieces that coordinate with the rest of your space, and choose colors or patterns that will stand up to scuffs and dust. Pretty hardware, inventive paint, focal-point wallpaper, and a coordinating rug are all inexpensive ways to make your entryway feel fresh.

Since mudrooms are designed to withstand lots of wear and tear, it's important to go with durable materials for the floor, cabinets, and seating. Tile or vinyl are both easy to clean, and they also come in a wide array of patterns that can suit any style.

Adding a bench to your mudroom offers a convenient spot for everyone in the family to sit while they take off or put on their shoes. Consider building a bench in front of shoe cabinets or tucking a bench underneath a shelf that has built-in racks for hanging coat hooks. A bench can also provide a seat for wiping up muddy shoes or boots before entering the main living area of your home.

When shopping for mudroom furniture, look for pieces that are compact and well-proportioned. Stick with trim chairs and sofas, and avoid ones that feature large arms or lots of cushioning. You'll also want to shop for pieces that are designed to tuck into corners and along walls, as these are the most space-saving options.

If you're furnishing a small space, consider modular couches that can morph into different configurations. These pieces allow you to shape a small room and can even double as beds if needed.

Shop online retailers for the best deals on these types of space-saving furniture pieces. For instance, Rejuvenation might be known for its lighting and hardware, but the retailer is a treasure trove for affordable mudroom necessities, too. This seating-and-storage combo is a beautiful and practical choice for any small space, and it's available in walnut or white oak to match your existing decor.

Entryway Storage

Even the tiniest apartments can feel roomy with clever space-saving furniture. Transformable pieces that serve more than one purpose can reduce the number of individual items you need in a room and free up floor space, whether you opt for a sofa bed that morphs into a queen-size mattress at night or a coffee table that adjusts to different heights for eating or working. Other options include storage ottomans that double as extra seating and a footrest, as well as multifunctional cabinets that serve as desks or dining tables.

Entryways often lack built-in storage that helps homeowners stay organized and tidy. Hide clutter as soon as you walk through the front door with a mudroom storage piece that includes hooks, bench seating, and storage nooks for coats, purses, bags, and shoes. Wall-mounted hat racks are another simple and affordable way to keep outerwear at the ready.

Small spaces can be challenging to shop for, but a little creativity goes a long way. Look for modern furniture that uses durable but less expensive materials and consider buying pre-owned pieces on online marketplaces. A good place to start is with the Home Decorators Collection mudroom storage unit, which offers everything you need in one stylish package (starts at $172), or the slim Opalhouse Minsmere TV stand, which holds a 40-inch flatscreen and has built-in shelves for books, media, and decorative accessories.

Furniture that is trim and fit looks best in small rooms. Choose a sofa with skinny arms instead of fat rolled ones, and opt for a coffee table with slender legs rather than a bulky pedestal design. A mirror or light reflected off of your furniture can also help to visually expand a small room, as can pieces that are tucked away against the wall to create open space.

There are many great places to buy space-saving furniture for small spaces, including online retailers like Design Within Reach with the added benefit of Design Within Reach Coupon, and Betta Home Living, as well as Target and One Kings Lane. Etsy is a fun shopping destination for unique finds that add a bit of personality to your home, while stores like Urban Outfitters offer a large selection of trendy, curated pieces. Explore these options and enhance your shopping experience with exclusive deals using the Home & Garden Coupon Code for extra savings on modern and space-saving furniture.


Affordable furniture pieces don't have to compromise on quality or style. With a little research and careful consideration, you can find great options that fit your budget. From versatile storage solutions to chic seating, there are plenty of options to choose from. Remember to prioritize your needs and preferences, and don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a personalized and comfortable space.


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